What Is Defensive Driving?


Defensive Driving 101Each time we get behind the wheel, we don’t anticipate anything bad to happen, such as a car crash. The truth is, however, that with how much driving we do on a regular basis, certain things become habit. For example, when we drive in the same area, such as residential areas, we become less aware of our surroundings because we have been down the road frequently. According to CalculateMe, 23% of accidents happen within a mile from home. In 2011 alone, 68,967 Crashes occurred within the border of Oklahoma. A way to reduce this number of accidents is by completing and participating in an Oklahoma defensive driving course. Because this program is now available online, many people have chosen to take an Oklahoma Driver Improvement course, such as ours, to assist them with their defensive driving and driver safety needs.

Why People Take Defensive Driving

There are many reasons that motorists participate in a driver safety course. One reason drivers partake in an Oklahoma Driver Improvement program is to refresh their knowledge on traffic laws and safe driving techniques. Within the chapters of a defensive driving in Oklahoma course, you will review everything that it takes to be a great defensive driver, from collision preventability to driver attitude and everything in between! Why take defensive driving?Whether this information is just a review or you learn something you didn’t know, Oklahoma defensive driving courses are great for motorists of all ages.

Perhaps the main motivation for drivers to take defensive driving in Oklahoma is so they don’t receive negative points on their Oklahoma driving record. Once you receive a moving traffic violation, harmful points will hit your Oklahoma driving record, causing unwanted effects. With each point you accumulate, you are that much closer to having your license suspended. Violations can give you anywhere from one (1) to four (4) points depending on the type and severity of the citation. If you reach 10 points within a five (5) year period, the State of Oklahoma through the Department of Public Safety (DPS) will have your driver’s license suspended.

Another detrimental effect of receiving points due to traffic violations is that your auto insurance will hike up. In this day and age, affording higher auto insurance is out of the question for many people. The best way to avoid any of these harmful side effects of a traffic citation and save your Oklahoma driving record is to participate in a driver improvement course.

Points and Your Oklahoma Driving Record

As mentioned above, each traffic violation will give you a different amount of points, depending on your citation. Since severity plays a factor in how many points you obtain, you could receive anywhere between one (1) and four (4) points on your Oklahoma driving record.

When you participate in defensive driving in Oklahoma, you can stop these points from reaching your driving record. If points are already on your Oklahoma driving record, you will receive a two (2) point credit for completion of a defensive driving course. Failure to attend an Oklahoma defensive driving program will result in points on your record and their consequences.

Additionally, two (2) points will be deducted from your driving record every 12-month period for motorists that don’t receive any “pointable” traffic violations within that time frame. Your points will be reduced to zero (0) if you have no traffic convictions within three (3) consecutive years.

For further questions regarding how points affect your Oklahoma driving record, Click Here or visit the DPS Website to review the “Oklahoma Mandatory Point System.”

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