About Us — Oklahoma Driver Improvement

Welcome to Oklahoma driving school

At Oklahoma Driver Improvement, we are an online defensive driving program that holds high standards for our course and have great dedication to all drivers on the road. We are a creation and branch of The On-Line Traffic School Inc., which was the first online traffic program in the United States of America back in 1996. Even though we branched out into the online world and set a new wave of innovative thinking in the ‘90's, we have been a part of the traffic safety business since 1987.

Through all of our experience, we have produced and delivered expertly designed driver safety programs that drivers have trusted, not just in Oklahoma, but nationwide. With the finest technology and a well-trained web team available to us in-house, we have set a high standard for quality throughout the driver safety industry that is hard to beat. At Oklahoma Driver Improvement, we put all of our efforts into making sure you have the best experience when it comes to taking an online course to either remove points, dismiss your traffic violation, or more.

With all of our diligence, dedication and determination, we have proudly gained:

  • Good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Thousands of fans, likes, and followers through social media
  • The trust of more than half of the states in the nation to provide traffic safety courses
  • And more!

Since we branched out into the World Wide Web, over four (4) million motorists have chosen us to keep their driving record clean of any infringements and to assist them into becoming the best defensive driver they possibly can be. At Oklahoma Driver Improvement, we have designed our course to make learning the art of defensive driving fun. Through Flash animations, bright interactive videos, attention-grabbing graphics, and jaw-dropping statistics, you will be able to refresh yourself on laws you may have forgotten and learn something new, but in a fun and modern way.

Our passion is for safety and all motorists. As a driver, you have the responsibility to drive positively and safely. As a driver education school, it is our job to get you there.