Oklahoma's point system

Oklahoma uses a driver's license point system. Basically, the fewer points assessed to your driving record, the better. With each traffic ticket you receive in Oklahoma, points will be added to your record. The number of points assessed to your driving record is due to type and seriousness of your traffic violation.

Point dismissal

Taking our Oklahoma Driver Improvement course (also referred to as defensive driving and traffic school) is the easiest way to dismiss tickets and prevent points on your driving record. It can also remove existing points from your driving record.

When you complete an Oklahoma Driver Improvement course, you will have two points successfully removed from your driving record. Keep in mind that the State of Oklahoma will only give you a two- point credit once every 24 months for completing a driver improvement course. If you have no points and take the course voluntarily for an insurance discount, you will not be credited points. Points may not go below zero.

Here's the Oklahoma point system chart showing the number of points for different citations:

System Chart

Oklahoma traffic tickets range from one to four points and will stay active on your driving record for 12 months or three years. If you do not receive any additional citations resulting in points within 12 months, two points will be deducted from your driving record. Furthermore, if you do not receive any traffic violations within three years, your points will be reduced to zero, meaning you start over with a clean slate.

Points assessed to your driving record also raise your insurance premiums. Taking our Oklahoma Driver Improvement course prevents this.

For more information about your eligibility for an Oklahoma defensive driver course, read our frequently asked questions.

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