Oklahoma Driving School Benefits

    Defensive Driver on boardThe responsibility of drivers across the nation is immense. In Oklahoma, there are over two (2) million licensed drivers alone. Nationwide, the United States of America has over 196 Million Drivers. With new drivers cruising the roadways each year, many more people, teens all the way to mature drivers, are to be held accountable for their actions on the road. To do so, many of these motorists are looking to the wisdoms within family members, teachers, and Oklahoma driving school programs. Although you can receive much information from someone who has had their driver’s license for quite some time, such as a mother or father, Oklahoma traffic school can benefit you in more than just giving you advice.

    One of the main benefits for motorists who participate in an Oklahoma driving school course is that they are able to dismiss Oklahoma traffic tickets or remove existing points from their driving record. With each traffic violation you receive in Oklahoma, you will be assigned a certain amount of points. The number of points appointed to your driving record will be due to type and seriousness of your traffic violation.

    Please review the Oklahoma point system chart below to see the amount of points each citation is given:

    The Oklahoma Point SystemWhen you complete an Oklahoma driving school course, you will have two (2) points successfully removed from your driving record. Keep in mind that the State of Oklahoma will only give you a two (2) point credit once every 24 months for completing a driver improvement program. If you take traffic school voluntarily and you do not have points, you will not be credited points for later issued Oklahoma traffic tickets. Points may also not go below zero (0).

    Oklahoma traffic tickets range from one (1) to four (4) points and will stay active on your driving record for 12 months or three (3) years. This will depend on your actions as a driver. If you do not receive any “pointable” traffic convictions within 12 month’s time, two (2) points will be deducted from your driving record. Furthermore, if you do not receive any traffic violations within three (3) years, your points will be reduced to zero (0), starting you over with a clean slate.

    On top of receiving points from Oklahoma traffic tickets, your auto insurance providers will also raise your insurance premiums. By taking an Oklahoma driving school program you will not only reduce points, but you will also stop your auto insurance supplier from raising your insurance. With how the economy is, everyone can stand to save a little money or penny pinch when possible. Taking Oklahoma traffic school will help! You may also contact your insurance provider to find out information on receiving discounts when you take a defensive driving program. Some auto insurance companies will offer special rates for safe drivers who also participate in a driver safety program, such as ours. Furthermore, if you are required to take a driver safety course for your current or future employer, you may do so through Oklahoma Driver Improvement.

    Last, but certainly not least, Oklahoma driving school courses help you become a better and safer driver. Throughout our program, we teach you about issues in the driving world that you may not learn from many other places, such as how to prevent a collision, safety equipment, and the attitude and behaviors of other drivers as well as yourself. With a knowledge gain on these items and more, you will learn more about yourself as a driver and how to calmly and safely react with dangerous road hazards. Oklahoma Driver Improvement is dedicated to the safety of motorists as well as their loved ones.

    All in all, Oklahoma driving school programs are great for all motorists. They help you extend your knowledge of driving security, give you confidence behind the wheel, keep auto insurance rates low, and remove points you received pertaining to the Oklahoma point system. There isn’t one negative from participating in a defensive driving program for Oklahoma!

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